Our Involvement

Education :

Proper education for the under privileged has posed a major problem. The modern digital education has been a rich source of knowledge sharing for the children from all age groups. Especially the children from the age group 6-14 years need both visual and non-visual methods of education. The primary and upper primary groups. The secondary group of 15 to 20 years are more prone to active experience and case studies and onsite movements and gain rich knowledge of the subjects.
For people who are not able to go to regular schools the mode of Distance education is preferable. and
Non Formal education will also enhance the learning and knowledge skills amongst the people.

Healthcare :

Lack of proper education and awareness and economic condition has
There is serious lack of infrastructural facilities in regard to beds, wards, toilet facilities, drinking water, clean labour rooms and proper machines and equipment and basic needs like electricity and hygiene.
A study in 2011 mentions that there are 20 health workers per 10,000 people with allopathic doctors comprising of 31% of workforce, 30 % of nurses, pharmacists 11 % and others at 18%. This workforce is not distributed optimally with most of the healthcare staff prefer infrastructure and facilities for family life and growth.

Skill Training :

Our Skill Development Cell has been entrusted the responsibility to train youth by providing them skills through registered facilitators with objective for enhancing their employment and other entrepreneurial opportunities.

Sports and Entertainment :

We work on continuously upgrading the atheletic skills and physical activity and provide a healthy mind soul and body.

Infrastructure Development

We work to develop proper infrastructure for holistic development in tune with the latest technologies.


We honour students who are genius in their own field but financially poor to enhance their education further.


We continuously work for providing better sanitation and good hygiene among the public.

Event organised on 06.06.23 in Jhargram in West Bengal on the occasion of
Ni-Khaya Mitra (TB Mukth Bharat) . Nutritional kits shared on behalf of Madan
Mohan Foundation for local tribals affected with TB.